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17 years of experience, we do full360 communication for different brands, companies and industries.

few samples of our jobs

Chivas - the Venture: promo movie - What is Social impact Business ?

Campaign promoting Warsaw Animal Day. The most important part was a spot PRO PUBLICO BONO for the Shelter for Homeless Animals "Na Paluchu". The project involved more than 150 people, including volunteers, foundations and private companies. Promotion was accompanied by posters and internet banners.

We sincerely thank all those who supported this project with their energy.


Another actions promoting Samsung Soundbar, this time with participation of T-raperzy znad Wisły, including recording a video, organization of the contest, contest web and banner campaign.

Campaign 360 for Samsung Soundbar, which includes website, BTL materials, 3D animation and extensive banner campaign.

Series of commercials for Flegamina brand.


BTL materials for Flegamina brand with a dedicated photo session, consistent with ATL activity. Integrated campaign raised brand's market share.


Poster for the movie "ROMAN POLAŃSKI MOJE ŻYCIE", and a logotype for the producer FILM POINT GROUP.


Consumer activation along with BLT materials for the producer of PHILIPS system irons. The promotion led to a sale of yearly supply of the product in a quarter of a year.


Consumer activation along with BLT materials for the producer of PHILIPS vacuum cleaners.


Creative and coordination of ORLEN SCHOOL provided by PMPG.



Branding activities for ISD Polska - owner of Stocznia Gdańska, and others.


Execution of the project YPR Magazine for Vemma Europe. The concept, development and implementation at the events in Munich and Vienna. Organisation of photo shoots, creating content and mobile apps. The case was honoured with a Communicator Award of Excellence 2014.


Press advertisements and BTL for Activblock brand.



Rebranding of AVIOMARIN which involved changing the logotype and recreating the brand's image. New BTL materials andd website were created as well.


Visual identity for Studio Stereoskopowe 3DmindFilms.


Radio advertisement for antiperspirant ActivBlock by TEVA.


Radio advertisement for dietary supplement Skinelle by TEVA.


Radio advertisement for dietary supplement Odnovit by TEVA.


Radio advertisement for Flegamina brand.


Visual identity for SALES UP, a field marketing company.


Commercial for Verve energy drink.


Sopot10k street race's website.


A spot promoting the most prestigious 10k street race in Poland.


Bank products promotion project with online and BTL materials for MultiBank.


Billboard and video created for Polish Bloomberg Businessweek.


Mobile solution for a bar with rear projection effect.


Commercial for Vemma, energy drink producer, starring Jaysuma Saidy Ndure.


A series of commercials for Nobody's Children Fundation in support of "Don't leave them alone" campaign.


Consumer activation for Amica brand.


Interactive Augmented Reality app allowing the users to communicate with each other using a hologram in the shape of clients Marketing Object.


Design of 3 informational publications for National Art Gallery Zachęta.


Communication platform for SKINELLE brand by TEVA. Services included a series of key visuals, a radio advertisement, a website and BTL materials.


Communication platform for dietary supplement - Odnovit (radio, press).


Visual identity, packaging, catalogues and photo sessions for TERMISIL SA.


Project and production of prestigious PRAGA album - for Warsaw History Museum. 


BRAUN shavers consumer activation/contest.


Loan platform Monetto - full service of the project through UX, photo session, up to implementation of the ready project.


Rebranding of Advertisement Agency NANO (member of PMPG)


Outdoor and press campaign for the publisher of the first European edition of Bloomberg Businessweek.


Satisfied customers, efficient production, absolute professionalism, I fully endorse.
— Jacek Łęski (press spokesman for ISD Polska)
Also unlimited creativity and sensibility, enriched by total professionalism and commitment.
— Lucyna Kicińska (Nobody's Children Foundation)
Creating a unique and efficient communication with AC’s help is very easy, just like making a video or www service with them.
— Przemek Boniecki (Chairman of Climatech Polska)
... and your idea is epic, it’s a bomb.
— Anita Lorenc, Samsung Polska
While being proud that so many brands used ideas of our team, I am well aware it is only the beginning.
— Cezary (AC Crew Leader)